Hermes II

The 100 year old fishing boat, Hermes II, is a floating cultural heritage. It was built in 1917 for the Lerbukt family to be used for fishing on the northern coast of Norway. 

Now, 3th generation of the Lerbukt family, and owner of Hermes AS fishing company, has fully restored Hermes II back to its original glory.

Hermes AS intend to use the boat to bring tourists and locals out on daytrips fishing and learnng about the traditional fishing trade. 

Placed in Kystens Hus in the heart of Tromsø the showroom functions as informations center, ticket office and gift shop. Here all guests that are going fishing on Hermes II meet to change and get ready for the trip.

The design takes inspiration from fishing auctions. Here the ‘todays catch’ is on display on the white crates. Hermes II is represented in the back wall that functions as a fitting room and storage. 

Finally, a curtain along the facade, made of optic fiber, illuminates the room as an abractation of the Northern lit sky.


Project place: Tromsø, Norway

Size: 150 m2

Expected completion: 2018



GARDE. Mads Emil Garde Design Shop  Hermes2 Tromsø Norway
GARDE. Mads Emil Garde Design Shop  Hermes2 Tromsø Norway